In the age-old battle of the sexes, who “wins” when it comes to pricing and putting homes up for sale?
Believe it or not, America’s workforce is made up of more ladies than gents (almost 60% more, to be specific). Yes sir-eee Bob – it’s very much a woman’s world as far as numbers go, but does this hold true when you take a look at the nitty-gritty details, as in the actual job? Well, out of shear curiosity, we decided to look into the guy-to-girl ratio among real estate pros and see how male and female agents differ – besides on the obvious stuff, that is.

Why are we doing this, you ask? Well, why the heck not?! This is seriously interesting, not to mention fun, factoids to know. And you thought rent vs. buy was a great debate. Well, my friend – you ain’t seen nothing yet.
First things first, here’s our methodology: We started with a simple name analysis using the genderizer to separate the men from the women agents among all the real estate pros on Then we took a good hard look at which gender outnumbered the other in this industry, who listed more homes for sale and who had more expensive homes.

The Pink Ladies of Real Estate
Not to reinforce stereotypes, but let’s face it…some careers are dominated by women (think nurses and nannies) and some are made up of almost all men (can we say construction workers and software engineers). But as far as the real estate industry goes, the gender divide is fairly balanced…or is it? In one of the early draft of our female vs. male real estate agent map, we colored each state pink where there were more women and blue where there were more men.