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About Claire Hultin

Founder of SF Investor Social Club , Author of 7 Award Winning Books, Advisory Board Member of Smart Oak Corporation, Real Estate Consultant in South Florida, and a family footprint of a quarter of a billion in commercial and residential property owned.

Claire Hultin’s authentic entrepreneurial spirit and distinct set of skills sharpened by her diverse work and life experiences are what bring her real estate career to life. Born in Jackson, Mississippi, Claire has lived in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Sweden, Malta, Sweden, San Francisco and now permanently in South Florida. She continues to explore the world, bringing a unique international perspective to her work in the equally unique South Florida real estate market.

Claire’s unceasing work ethic has afforded her success across all her endeavors, translating the same dedication to her clients today. She has been the owner of a tourism company, an international restaurant, and an event, marketing and PR company. Her accomplishments before officially entering the real estate business also include authorship of seven traditionally published books—one on neuroscience, one a non-fiction book and comedy on romance, and the last five books on real estate primarily focusing on investments, first time home buying, and probate and trust home sales.

Having been raised in a real estate development family with a 60-year footprint, Claire’s love for the industry runs deep. Both her father and grandfather were true real estate developing mavens offering all-inclusive contracting, building and development services, while also running and owning major businesses and real estate developments. And they were not the only beacons in the industry in Claire’s family—her mother also took to the business and has been a luxury real estate consultant for over 10 years.

The combination of Claire’s passion for real estate and her unwavering dedication to honing and using her skills are a stellar demonstration of what she brings to her real estate career, and directly to her clients. Claire delivers exceptional service by utilizing her solid negotiating skills, understanding of the market, and her ability to provide her expanding local, national and international perspective to the eclectic group of buyers and sellers in South Florida. Her mind is set to achieving her clients’ goals as she extends every resource she has to make the process efficient, productive and enjoyable.




– Mathew Harris

“Claire provides quality service and products professionally with courtesy, clarity and efficiency. Not only that, she also has the skills to locate excellent properties and negotiates effectively to assure the fair market value is obtained. She is also great to work with and enhances the process with her charming personality.”


-Rich Greenwood


“I have known Claire for a few years and she is a whirlwind of activity–always moving forward, always learning, and always working to find good solutions for her clients. I highly recommend her as a person and as a Real Estate expert.”

-Danny Bean

“Claire is a consummate professional who takes the time to inform the client in a succinct and informed manner, answering any questions that may arise. She is a pleasure to work with and is always a reliable and friendly source of advice.”

– Attorney, Udara Soysa

“Claire Hultin is very thorough and treats each client with empathy, patience, and understanding with all projects including probate real estate. She has been highly known to gain trust with each client she represents and goes above and beyond when working with people in the workforce and outside o the workforce.”

-Pooja Mhatre

“Claire worked effectively with several different teams, from my lending officer to the title company to the seller’s agent to ensure that we closed on time. Right before we closed and did our final walkthrough, Claire even prepared a surprise in the home which included a few small housewarming gifts to make it official that I had just bought my first home.” 

-Attorney Brad Carrick

Positive: Professionalism, Responsive

“Having worked with Claire, one thing I can say is: this woman will hustle for you! She is driven, motivated and a pleasure to work with. 100% one of the best real estate consultants and event producers here in San Francisco!”

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