Claire Hultin’s previous career centered around running her own company and organizations within several eclectic locations including three different countries. She starting off in Atlanta – Georgia, Los Angeles – California, Gothenburg – Sweden and Malta before moving to San Francisco, California and beginning her real estate career with Zephyr Real Estate.

      Her company originated in Atlanta, Georgia, quickly transitioned to Los Angeles, California, and then found it’s home base in Gothenburg, Sweden.  She started CH Enterprises – Event, Marketing, and PR in 2009 and still runs her events on occasion in correlation to her real estate career. The company provides strategic planning and creative delivery of events in the music industry, academic, non-profit, corporate, nightclub industry, fashion, tourism events, and wedding planning sectors. Whether it be a fun and exciting corporate event, a vibrant record release party, or a beautiful wedding – her company has handled many types of these events.

     Furthermore, Claire has previously owned and operated a small restaurant/bar – “The International Corner” focusing on international people residing in Gothenburg, Sweden. The International Corner became a hub for international students, international artistic performances, week-end nightlife events, international football matches, and many other activities for the international community. She also founded Expats in Gothenburg and Gothenburg Entrepreneurs Club – that became her database for her restaurant and also brought the international community together within Gothenburg, Sweden. The Expats In Gothenburg Organization started out as a social network/platform for internationals residing in Gothenburg, Sweden while the Gothenburg Entrepreneurs Club has built a strong network through some of the most influential business owners in Sweden.

     Claire has published two books “The Doctrine of Lucid Dreaming” and “Love, Sex, and Deception: The Chronicles of Online Dating” – non fiction books. The Doctrine of Lucid Dreaming – is based upon the scientific study of dreams and oneirology. The book contains in depth research, relevant case studies, neuro-scientific debates, and diverse scientific views relevant to the study of dreams. Through New York Publisher Morgan and James Agency“Love, Sex, And Deception: The Chronicles of Online Dating” was formally published and written by Claire and Lisa Hultin. The book focuses on non-fictional satirical stories from men and women on finding love through the online dating scene.

Claire Hultin currently focuses on residential and commercial real-estate while also running events that correlate to real-estate seminars, luxury sailing trips, and pilots in the bay area organizational trip events. She enjoys intermixing all three and running a few fun fashion shows every now and again. She hopes that in a few years, she will write a third book on real-estate investing within San Francisco.